(COLUMBUS) – A Columbus woman is in jail and her 17-year-old daughter is recovering from a broken leg after her mother allegedly ran her daughter over with a car.

Ebony Woody, 34, appeared in front of a Franklin County judge Tuesday morning where she was charged with felonious assault, felonious vehicular assault, felonious endangering children and driving under a suspended license.

The incident happened just before 8am Monday. Woody and her daughter were arguing. As a punishment, woody demanded that the teen stay home from school. When the daughter refused and left the house without woody’s approval, police say woody got in her car chased her daughter down the street, drove over a curb, striking her daughter. She then backed up her vehicle and ran over the teen again.

Woody then put the teen in her car, drove her to her father’s house, where the 17-year-old called police.

“I’ve called the police before because they had 20 people over there and they were arguing,” said a next-door neighbor. “Don’t know what’s going on down there, you don’t know who all lives there. And they will drive through the yards. They drive through the neighbor’s yard.”

The victim’s family says she is recovering tonight with two fractures to her left leg.