COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Mayor Michael Coleman announced Wednesday the termination of the city’s contract with Redflex, effective immediately.

Redflex is the company that handled Columbus’ red light camera program before a state law forced the city to cease issuing citations.

The announcement comes after a Redflex executive pleaded guilty to charges relating to bribing public officials.

“Based upon the City’s contract authority, we will be terminating the contract with Redflex immediately,” said Mayor Coleman. “I support a photo red light camera program because it saves lives, however the actions of the Redflex executives have raised questions about the integrity of their program.”

Vowing to work hard to clear the city of Columbus’ name or hold those accountable who might come from an FBI investigation, City Council President Andrew Ginther talked about the end of the Redflex contract Wednesday.

The relationship between Redflex and the city is about a decade old, but recent federal attention has focused on relationships, and possible illegal or improper portions of that relationship.

Ginther tells NBC4 he recommended weeks ago to end the relationship.

“I think ultimately this is in the best interest of the people within the city of Columbus because this company very clearly had a culture within it, doing things that were inappropriate and improper and in some cases even legal. The people in the city of Columbus don’t want the city to do business with a company like that,” Ginther said.

Ginther also talked about working with the FBI on the investigation. “”We’ve turned over documents as soon as they asked for them, emails, calendars, anything they have asked for we complied with, and I have told them I am ready, willing, and able to talk anytime, anywhere, answer any of their questions.”

Redflex released the following statement in regards to the investigation:

“Redflex makes a life-saving difference in the communities we serve.  Several years ago, after a small number of employees and consultants violated company policies, we took strong corrective action.  Local governments continue to engage our company and we intend to lead the industry in how public-private partnerships are managed.”