COLUMBUS (WCMH)– It’s spring break for many Students around central Ohio. Some are either on vacation, sleeping in, or  just simply relaxing.

However, a local 9-year-old girl is doing the complete opposite; she’s been busy collecting water, and a lot of it.

The whole idea started back in February when Mackenzie Lewis created flyers asking for water for Flint, and the response has been tremendous.

“We watch channel four and we’ve seen responses for Christmas, but we had no idea this much water would be collected. Columbus is great,” said Mackenzie’s mom. “It’s who she is. She’s just a caring; a very caring child.”

It’s hard to imagine a girl this young wanting to reach out and make a difference, but she does.

“Because I care about other people and it’s not fair that we have nice water and they don’t,” said Mackenzie.

The effort started at the Hosack Street Baptist Church, where Mackenzie’s family has gone for years.

“So it was a natural I guess that she would want to do something like that here,” said Pastor Jonathan Morehead.

Soon other churches got involved and word spread. Then the water came pouring in.

“I love it. I absolutely love it. Here’s this tiny little girl with a huge heart and look at what she’s done. It’s incredible,” said Jim Holibaugh of Culligan Water.

Culligan donated more than 2,000 gallons of water.

Other donations came in as well, almost more than Mackenzie could handle.

Mackenzie said she can handle it though. “I’m just gonna have to deal with it. Stick with my goal and like the princess and the frog says, ‘You gotta dig a little deeper’.”What others are clicking on: