SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) — Twitter could mark the first high-profile headquarters search in a post-COVID world, and that might spell good news for smaller cities not usually on the shortlist for trophy relocations.

Twitter’s headquarters is considered in play as Elon Musk works to complete his acquisition of the company, with many expecting the HQ to leave California. Musk himself has recently moved to Austin and taken Tesla’s headquarters with him.

“Site selectors joke that Musk has been the gift that keeps on giving,” John Boyd, a principal at The Boyd Co., told me in discussing his latest research on HQ relocations and what it could mean for Twitter’s search.

“We see small market locations in states with superior tax climates – Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Ohio – being squarely in the mix,” Boyd wrote in a story for Site Selection magazine on the prospects of a Twitter HQ search.

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