COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST)–One Columbus distillery is ready to release one of its seasonal favorites, while another is rolling out something new.

Watershed Distillery will hold its annual Nocinofest on Dec. 4 from 11 a..m. to 3 p.m. at its 1145 Chesapeake Ave. distillery. This year’s event, which highlights the return of its black walnut Nocino liquor, also will include the release of a new product.

Bourcino is a version of Nocino made with Watershed’s bourbon rather than vodka, which is used in the traditional preparation. It is bottled at 26.6% alcohol-by-volume and will sell for $34.99 per 375-milliliter bottle.

Watershed began producing Nocino, a traditional Italian liqueur, in 2014. The barrel-aged version also will be on sale.

The free event won’t just include the new releases, Nocino cocktails and distillery tours. Watershed Kitchen + Bar will be providing food, Winans is supplying hot chocolate and truffles, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams will be available and an outdoor fire pit will allow for some marshmallow toasting.

More information on the event can be found on the event page on Facebook.

For those craving something different before the start of December, nearby Echo Spirits Distilling at 685 W. 6th Ave. this week has a new release.

The young distillery is releasing its Queen’s Share Rum on Nov. 17. It is a re-distilled version of its white rum, an older practice not often practiced by modern distilleries.

“The Queen’s Share was historically the richest portions of the rum, reserved only for kings, queens and heads of state,” Nikhil Sharoff, Echo Spirits’ co-owner and head distiller, said in a release. “As rum became a spirit for the people, most distilleries stopped producing the Queen’s Share. There are only a few distilleries around the world still making this, and we feel we’re able to step up and contribute to that rich story.”

The product is an answer to an efficiency issue for Echo Spirits. Its stills leave some ethanol blended with less-drinkable portions of alcohol once it goes through the system. Rather than blending and redistilling that leftover liquid with the next batch, Echo Spirits saved those extras up and redistilled the whole lot.

“We are only able to fill one barrel of Queen’s Share for every ten to twelve times we distill our normal rum,” Sharoff said. “We only have one barrel to show off this year and likely only one will be ready next year.”

This year’s batch will be sold only at the distillery. The bottles are $70.