COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) — A Columbus marketing and advertising firm hopes to share its Short North office with another company.

Treetree co-founder and CEO Becca Apfelstadt said following the pandemic-driven shift to remote work, the firm is only in its office at 939 N. High St. one or two days a week. She’d love to see another group enjoy their space when they’re not using it.

“We want to have the space and to have a home base, but it seems silly to pay rent for days we’re not using the space,” Apfelstadt told me. “There’s got to be other companies looking to split space, especially a creative, vibrant, open space like ours.”

Many local companies have made creative or surprising decisions regarding real estate since the pandemic. Some have put entire buildings up for sublease or decided to sell and downsize. Ohio State, meanwhile, is evaluating the pandemic’s long-term impacts on the way its buildings are designed.

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