Work-from-home isn’t an option for the hands-on business of brewing and serving beer, but an upcoming brewpub is coming close.

Standardized Brewing hopes to open next spring at 5920 Evans Farm Dr. The space is, of course, in Evans Farm, the neighborhood co-owner Mark Robinson has lived in since 2020.

Robinson and Jason Kissel are veteran homebrewers who’ve long wanted to open a combo coffee shop and brewery. But there was always the question of where, especially as dozens of craft breweries popped up around Central Ohio over that time.

The solution was practically in Robinson’s front yard. After Robinson and his wife moved to Evans Farm, they struck up a friendship with neighbors Justyn Shye and Roni Shye, who now round out the brewery’s five-person ownership group.

“We realized this is the spot,” Robinson said, referring to Evans Farm.

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