COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) — NIL may be a new tool for businesses and college athletes, but Seventh Son Brewing sees an opportunity almost as old as beer marketing itself.

“Athletes and beer is traditional beer advertising,” co-owner Collin Castore said. “We have access to these great, awesome athletes. It’s a fun association. They’re cool. They work hard. They like our Kitty Paws. They like our beer. Maybe you would too?”

Castore said the brewery was interested in name, image and likeness deals from the moment they became legal. But their interest wasn’t necessarily in the most high-profile players. A former high school tennis player and cross-country runner himself, Castore and his team, which includes several with past connections to OSU sports, wanted to bring some representation (and money) to sports that wouldn’t draw as much attention as the bigger ones.

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