DUBLIN, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) — A new corporate park is getting closer to opening for business in Dublin.

Dublin City council unanimously approved rezoning 23.09 acres of residential land into a suburban office district to create 7.35 acres for economic development with two, 15-acre reserves, according to city council documents.

The space, located northeast of the Emerald Parkway and Riverside Drive, will be called Wright Way Corporate Park.

“This property has long been identified for economic development,” Sarah Holt, a senior planner with the city of Dublin, said. “And this request will memorialize that vision.”

A developer has not been determined and there are no specific building plans yet, Holt said.

The plan also calls for creating a cul-de-sac at the terminus of Wright Way, according to the documents.

There were conservation concerns about nearby Billingsley Creek, which were addressed by establishing a no-disturb area to protect landscaping features and creating the two reserves.

One of the reserves, Reserve A is 1.66 acres designated to preserve a wooded area, and the other, Reserve B, is 13.33 acres for Ferris-Wright Park.

The city of Dublin bought and identified the land for economic development in 2010. It had its first informal review in 2014.

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