COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) – Columbus health IT unicorn Olive AI Inc. has instituted a hiring freeze to conserve capital amid a nationwide downturn throughout the tech industry.

The company has hired 250 since the beginning of the year, and one month ago told Columbus Business First it had no plans to slow down.

Olive still has about 1,300 employees nationwide, a spokesman said Thursday – the same number the company provided at the end of May, so it does not appear to be cutting jobs. About a fifth of its workforce is in Central Ohio; the company adopted a work-from-anywhere model in the pandemic and opens smaller offices in cities where it has enough employees.

“Olive regularly evaluates its hiring needs against the priorities of our business,” the company said in a statement in response to questions from Business First. “Like many companies, we’ve made the difficult but important decision to pause hiring so we can remain well-suited to deliver meaningful impact to our customers and partners.”

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