COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST)–A Korean-style hot dog chain is coming to Columbus.

Myungrang HotDog is opening a restaurant at 850 N. High St. in the Short North. A sign at the space is teasing the arrival of the growing chain, though the timing of its opening isn’t clear.

The company declined to answer questions about its local plans, deferring any questions to its website.

The menu depicts corndog-like creations, but battered with panko, potatoes, and other coatings and filled with cheese as well as the hot dog. The creations also can be topped with condiments ranging from ketchup and mustard to other options like honey butter powder, parmesan seasoning, or sweet chili.

The Los Angeles Times took a local at the chain last year and how social media helped drive its expansion.

“As the vloggers bite into the dogs, you’ll hear the crunch of the fried panko-covered batter, which is sometimes covered with potato cubes,” the story noted. “If there’s mozzarella inside, look out for the coveted cheese pull and experience the strange joy of watching someone carefully stretch out hot cheese with their teeth as long as they can without breaking it.”

Myungrang HotDog started at Pusan National University in South Korea in 2016 and has grown to more than 700 locations worldwide, according to the Times. There still are only a handful of U.S. locations.

The U.S. website lists five restaurants open in three states plus at least three more coming soon, including that Columbus unit.

The upcoming arrival of Korean hot dogs in Columbus coincides with the arrival of a new Korean fried chicken option.

CM Chicken is now open at 1132 W. Henderson Road serving up wings, tenders, drumsticks or whole chicken in a variety of flavors including garlic soy, red hot pepper and curry. Signature creations include the Snow, which is topped with onions and a creamy, savory sauce and the Tikkudak, which is grilled in a special oven for added crunch.

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