COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) — Spirit seekers in more states are now able to snag some products from a Columbus distillery.

Middle West Spirits this week announced a partnership with the Georgia-based Independent Distributor Network, which doubles its distribution reach to 15 states beyond the borders of Ohio.

Middle West now is available in these states: Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas.

“We’ve built an incredible relationship thus far with the IDN team and, strategically, it made sense to continue growing within their network,” Middle West’s Victor Spotloe, vice president of branded sales, said in a release. “While we are certainly grateful to the access of services and solutions they provide, we are also thrilled to help grow their portfolio of brands, especially with our award-winning whiskies.”

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