COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) – A nearly $300 million fourth water treatment plant for Columbus – long in the works, and now entering design – will ensure supply for Intel Corp. and the rest of the fast-growing New Albany International Business Park, city officials said.

The Department of Public Utilities has two finalists from a July bid for design and engineering of a plant along the Scioto River in Delaware County, Director Kristen Atha said.

Coming online in about 2028, the plant will serve the northwest quadrant of the service area – freeing capacity at the Hap Cremean Water Plant on Hoover Reservoir, which now serves a wider northern band of metro Columbus, including New Albany.

Intel is expected to need 5 million gallons daily – about a 3.5% increase for Columbus water – once its semiconductor fabrication complex is up and running. The chipmaker also plans to build a reclamation plant to recycle all of its water.

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