COLUMBUS, Ohio (COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) — After months of back and forth with commercial real estate agents, the city of Dublin has changed a sign policy agents argued would have negatively impacted their ability to sell and market properties in the city.

The previous policy, passed last April, decreed that non-residential signs could only be displayed for 30 continuous days and no more than 90 per year. The policy also limited the size of signs to no more than 16 square feet in area, among other restrictions to protect “community aesthetics.”

The new policy, passed Monday, will allow for signage to be displayed for up to one year with an option for annual renewals, and provides different areas per type of sign depending on if the sign is on the ground, a wall or a window.

“I think it is a great collaboration between key stakeholders and the city of Dublin,” Brent Swander, CEO of Columbus Realtors, said.

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