(COLUMBUS BUSINESS FIRST) — Dr. Kara Richardson is a third-generation Ohio physician.

Her mother, Dr. Anita Somani, has practiced three decades as an obstetrician/gynecologist in Dublin. Her grandfather, Dr. Peter Somani, is a retired physician/researcher and past director of the Ohio Department of Health.

Richardson is nearing the end of OB-GYN residency training in Toledo, where she graduated medical school. She told Columbus Business First she had hoped to practice in Northwest Ohio with physicians and health systems she knows and trusts.

Plans changed when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion, and Ohio’s six-week ban that had been suspended by courts took effect almost immediately.

“I don’t see a place for myself in Ohio,” Richardson said. “I’m a little sad, because obviously this is my home. You want to stay in places that need you the most.

“It’s really hard to not be able to practice medicine the way I would like to, and not be able to take care of my patients.”

Her decision is heartbreaking, yet understandable, to her mother.

“I would love to have her stay nearby,” Somani told Business First.

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