COLUMBUS (WCMH) — It is the day that changed everything.  September 11, 2001.  It is nearly impossible to find someone who was alive on that dreadful day who does not remember the moment they learned that the World Train Center was under attack – and the weapons were America’s own airliners. 

Within hours of the first plane hitting the Twin Towers, photographers Charles Busby and Rick Reitzel, producer Jackie Bryant and I were on our way to New York.  Nothing could prepare us for Ground Zero.  Even now, it is difficult to accept that those mammoth skyscrapers had tumbled to piles of twisted steel and rubble, and nearly three thousand Americans were killed by sadistic terrorists in the heart of America’s largest cities. 

For a week we reported on the brave first responders, the volunteers, the people of New York City who were suddenly on the front line of the emerging war on terror.  Attached to this story you can see some of our reports from the horrific attack. 

God Bless the first responders, and God Bless America.