NORTH ROBINSON, OH (WCMH) — The National Weather Service said an EF-2 tornado with wind speed estimated at 130 miles per hour, ripped through Crawford and Richland Counties Monday night.

Several homes from North Robinson through the rural areas between there and the community of Crestline, had their roofs torn off in a 15-mile stretch. The American Red Cross assisted those families needing shelter on Tuesday.

County Sheriff Scott Kent said there were no tornado sirens set off Monday night because the NWS did not confirm there had been a tornado until Tuesday.

The NWS says there was not a tornado warning issued because, “given the time of day, NWS Cleveland received no reports of the tornado or damage and no visual confirmation of the tornado until after it was over.”

NBC4 has been in North Robinson for the last two days and shows one family’s ordeal.

That family’s home on Main St. lost half of its roof during the tornado. If the family had not been away during that storm, their son said they might have been asleep in an upstairs bedroom, directly under the missing section of roof.

“There are pictures on the wall in the bedroom there, and they are still on the wall and the roof is off. So it just shows the strange things the wind can do,” said Kurt Hartman, who grew up in the Civil War-era-built home.

Hartman said his mother Jackie and father Ray are retired, and have lived in this home for 40 years. He said he is thankful they were on vacation out of the country when the storm hit.

“They went on a short vacation to Canada and are coming back early, because they heard the news the roof of their house blew off,” Hartman said.

Their insurance company quickly had a contractor cover the roof with a tarp, but Hartman said there was major damage from more than just the high winds.

“I guess they had an inch to an inch and a half of rain immediately, so that caused a lot of the drywall, carpet and clothes damage.”

He showed NBC4 where either flying debris or winds blew out a downstairs window, strewing glass and water throughout the downstairs.

Hartman wants to thank the community for pitching in immediately to help with cleanup.

“I have never seen anything like it. I saw fantastic people, talked to them, thanked them multiple times,” Hartman said.

A huge oak tree nearly as old as the home that Hartman said he played on as a child, was snapped like a twig.

“I would say it is about four feet thick and 100 feet with its tree canopy.”

AEP Ohio crews have restored electricity in about half the town of 200 residents, and neighbors have been told the other half should get it restored by 5 p.m.

NBC4’s Rick Reitzel spoke with another family just outside of Crestline, who did not want to talk on camera. They say hundreds of trees in their yard were felled by the tornado, and their house and car were crushed by fallen trees.