COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The City of Columbus fired Officer Zachary Rosen, the officer caught on camera kicking a suspect on the ground.

The Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge revealed the city’s decision Monday afternoon.

The firing comes after Police Chief Kim Jacobs recommended a 24-hour suspension for the officer. The Director of Public Safety had the final determination on punishment.

An internal police review found multiple supervisors determined that Rosen acted within department policy. But a deputy chief concluded that Rosen’s action was unreasonable and that Rosen used a type of force outside of department’s policy when he stomped on the suspect April 8.

The Fraternal Order of Police released the following statement on the decision to fire Rosen.

Video posted to YouTube by Roiesha Pettiford shows a portion of the arrest. The suspect, Demarko Anderson, appears to be on the ground with an officer on top of him. Another officer, later identified as Rosen, comes from outside of the frame and kicks Anderson.

Rosen was also one of two officers involved in the June, 2016 shooting death of Henry Green A grand jury recently declined to indict Rosen and Officer Jason Bare for that shooting.

Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther released the following statement about the firing of Officer Rosen.

Today’s decision was not a choice between supporting the police or supporting the community. It was about supporting fairness and due process.

I fully support the decision made by Director Pettus and am grateful for his thorough and thoughtful consideration. I am also grateful to the community and to the Columbus Division of Police for their patience.

In the coming weeks, there will be much discussion about this decision. What I believe we can all agree on is that every person in every neighborhood deserves to be safe. That can only happen if the Division of Police and the community they serve work together.