SANDUSKY, Ohio (WCMH)– The new roller coaster, the Valravn, will be opening up this summer at the amusement park, but a three other rides will be removed.

According to Cedar Point the biggest change to the park will be the new coaster the Valravn. It is expected to be the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world when it is completed.

The park said riders will climb over 20 stories before being held over the edge for four seconds as they hang, waiting for that heart-pounding moment. Then, it’s a 75 mph dive straight down at a 90-degree angle as the massive trains flip upside-down through three inversions along the ride’s 3,415 feet of steel track.

However, citing low ridership, the Shoot the Rapids water ride, the Skyscraper and Challenge Racing, will not reopen this year and will be removed from the park.

There will also be all-new cars on the Dodgem bumper car ride that will feature a two-tone gel-coat fiberglass finish, headlights, taillights and seating for two adults.