BEXLEY, OH (WCMH) — Capital University is the latest college to join the debate over arming students.

Wednesday night, concealed carry supporters in the student Senate held a meeting about allowing students to carry guns. The university said it thinks guns on campus would make students less safe.

Capital University is a weapons-free institution and said it intends to stay that way.

Some students said after a groping inside of the university library last week they realize they’re not as safe as they thought they were. They said something has to change.

“I feel as though I’m one who could be considered vulnerable,” said junior Haley Wehner.

Wehner said she would feel a lot safer if she was allowed to conceal carry on campus.

“I’m just passionate about it because I’m a woman and I feel as though it’s hard being on a college campus where assaults and attacks have been happening. I can’t really protect myself,” she said.

Wehner is one of the student sponsors of the bill. Bill sponsors in the student Senate are part of the national organization Young Americans for Liberty.

The proposal passed in the student Senate Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, the student president vetoed it.

Capital University spokeswoman Nichole Johnson said the university is willing to listen to students, but does not intend to alter its gun-free campus policy.

“Before we really look to change that policy we are certainly always open to dialogue, but before we change that policy we would really have to study and have lots and lots of conversation about all of the different impacts intended or unintended,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the university believes guns on campus could hinder more than help.

“Our statistics show consistency, year over year we are a safe campus. We are not a perfect campus, there is no perfect campus. There’s no perfect place, crime happens everywhere,” said Johnson.

Wehner said campus doesn’t feel as safe as it once did.

“It’s been hard knowing we’re not as safe as we thought we were.”

A man dubbed the serial groper was arrested for the crime inside of the Capital University library. The bill sponsors said they intend to get a two-thirds majority to override the student president’s veto of the bill.