COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Buckeye fans have been waiting for action against the University of Michigan in the alleged sign-stealing scandal that erupted last month. 

That action came today to the tune of a three-game suspension for Harbaugh. That includes the final regular season game at Michigan against Ohio State.

“It’s a little bit bittersweet because you always like to see Harbaugh and Michigan suffer but, now when we beat them in a couple weeks the excuses are going to come rolling so that kind of bugs me a little bit,” said Buckeye fan Andrew Olson who traveled to Columbus from Utah for the Michigan State game with his son. “I think this goes above and beyond what the Astros did, what Belichick did. So I think this is a pretty big deal.”

Many Buckeye fans like 5th year Blake Bumb thought the suspension was lenient. 

“I think it’s kind of low given the circumstances…Indefinite until more was discovered. I don’t know, just doesn’t seem like enough to me. I’d be ok with an indefinite suspension but he gets to be there just for one game so we can watch him lose, I’d like that,” Bumb said.

Possibly the two most outspoken fans NBC4 encountered were OSU Seniors Matt Ingerman and Jackson Goldman.

“I mean you cheat, you’re going to pay the price. I think it was a little soft to let him coach during the week. Did Jim Harbaugh know? I mean it seems like, I don’t know how he wouldn’t know he was standing right next to them,” Ingerman said.

Goldman looked to past precedent for breaking rules. 

“We’re Ohio State fans. We saw what happened ten years ago. We did nothing and got a two year bowl ban. This is way more than what we were doing ten years ago,” Goldman said.

Meanwhile, on the other side of things the opinions are vastly different. Former Michigan Tight End and Ohio resident Kevin Koger said in a text, “Michigan vs Everybody. That’s about all I have.”

Another former Wolverine and Columbus native David Russell Key was more outspoken about the whole situation.

“If it was such a heinous act that it causes you to hand down a suspension while the Michigan team is on an airplane. on a holiday, when they don’t have an opportunity to respond to it there should be some hard evidence pointing to why this is happening,” Key said. 

Key thinks the whole situation will serve as motivation.

“As wolverine nation we’re fired up about it. But interesting enough you know I read an article today that says ’embrace being the bad guy.’ If that’s what we have to do I think it’s only going to serve to motivate this team,” Key said.

Key also wants to see due process play out before the NCAA takes any action. That may be the only thing he and these Buckeye fans agree on.

 “I don’t think anything will happen this year with the NCAA. They’ll take their time. They’ll make sure they have all the evidence. Which I agree with, I respect that,” said Ingerman.

“It’s going to make for one heck of a 30 for 30,” Goldman said. 

Surely, he’s right about that.