DENVER, CO (WCMH) — The brewery in Colorado hires people with developmental disabilities, and teaches them how to make beer.

“I was running a day program when I realized from age 21, they don’t have a lot of options and I don’t think sitting around in a warehouse coloring is an appropriate option,” Tiffany Fixter, owner of Brewability Lab, told KDVR on her hiring of those with developmental disabilities.

Fixter said she doesn’t really like the word “disability” and that she thinks everyone has an ability, hence the name of her brewery. “Everybody has a skill. So, it’s just figuring out what they do best and employing them. We all need a purpose,” she said.

The brewery is open three to four days a week, and the beer is getting some high marks.

“For one, I love the idea, but the beer is pretty good, so no complaints,” customer Diana Smith told KDVR.