Boren powers Pickerington Central's softball team

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Boren family name became popular in Columbus when three of the Boren sons played football at The Ohio State University. However, the only daughter and youngest member of the family, Kallie Boren, has made a name for herself on Pickerington Central's softball team. A junior, Boren brings tremendous speed and power to her swing, and she possesses a work ethic only elite athletes understand.

"I do softball every single day, 24/7...Christmas I'm even downstairs in the basement with my mom, there's really no off season if you want to be the best," said Boren.

Her mom, Hope Boren, has been pitching to Kalle in their basement since she was a kid.

Boren said with a smile, "Our family, as you said, is like a sports family, it was like, what do I want to do, I want to find a sport...I want to be successful at it, I want to put 110% into it, and that was softball. So, I started softball and put my heart into it."

The heart she has put into the sport has made her one of the best left-handed power hitters in the state of Ohio, and perhaps one of the state's most feared and respected players. Last season, Boren hit 62 RBI's, just three short of the state record, so, it stands as no surprise Boren currently has a batting average of .622 and 23 RBI's, but has totaled 30 intentional walks this season.

"It's really the beginning of the season Eneix had to talk to me and told me I had to be ready for it, and said hey, this is going to happen," said Boren.

Head coach Carrie Eneix has watched Boren grow as an athlete and said, "This is probably my 11th or 12th year coaching and she's probably the best pure hitter I've ever coached, she's like a professional hitter almost."

Boren will take her professional talents to the University of Kentucky when she graduates Pickerington Central in 2017. She attributes a lot of her success to the support of her family.

"I go downstairs in our basketball court where I hit, and my mom, she has printed out all the things I'm supposed to do, and it's surrounding me, like pieces of paper surrounding me telling me what to do....and I always take that with me when I'm up at bat," said Boren.


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