COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Big changes to Ohio’s concealed carry law are coming as Senate Bill 199 takes effect today.

The changes to the law will allow anyone with a concealed carry license to carry their firearm in more places, including day care facilities, non-secure areas of airports and private planes. The changes also prohibit employers from telling employees they can’t store their guns or bullets in their cars while at work. The law will still prohibit concealed carry on college campuses, but the colleges themselves will now be allowed to authorize people or groups to carry weapons on campus.

Private day care centers will still be able to prohibit concealed carry by posting a “no guns” sign. According to WLWT, gun rights advocates believe that the change will make pick up time at day cares easier on parents who have concealed carry licenses.

“Think about how dangerous it is with us in the parking lot, arming and disarming ourselves, with people in the parking lot watching that happen, with kids potentially in the backseat of the car, and us leaving a firearm in there,” said Sean Maloney, an attorney with the Buckeye Firearms Association.

Others aren’t convinced the change is a good idea.

“I come from Connecticut. Sandy Hook was a devastating experience for me,” Chelsea Worth told WLWT. “There’s no place for guns in certain places – playgrounds, day cares, schools. My opinion is that there’s just not a place for it.”

Other changes to the law include allowing concealed carry permit holders in school zones to exit their vehicles as long as their handgun remains locked inside the vehicle, authorizing certain children’s crisis care facilities to maintain firearms and allowing active duty members of the military to forgo getting a concealed handgun license as long as they carry valid military ID and can provide documentation of firearms training.

You can read about all of the changes in Senate Bill 199 here.

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