COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Two Columbus area residents have two completely different problems with their rented homes.

Janita Steele has lived with rodents since she moved into her rented house seven months ago. Mouse traps scattered throughout her home have trapped eight so far, but the rodents are still coming. Steel says holes in the foundation of the house are likely the possible entryway of the mice.

But her landlord has not addressed the problem.

On the other side of town, Kenya DoBose lives with a square cut into the ceiling of one of her bathrooms. A tenant who lives above Kenya had a water issue that caused the water to leak into the bathroom. A maintenance crew cut the hole to make repairs, but that was almost one year ago and it still has not been repaired.

According to the legal aid society of Columbus, both tenants have options.

After being informed of a problem, a landlord typically has 30 days to fix the problem except in an emergency. Legal aids suggest a certified letter for your bookkeeping records.

If the repairs are not made in a reasonable time, the tenant can open an escrow case. This can only be done if you are current on your rent. You would make your escrow payment at the third floor of the municipal Courthouse.

The city will then send someone to determine if the landlord has made the appropriate corrections before releasing any of the money back to the landlord.