COLUMBUS (WCMH) — As people continue to pour into Columbus for The Arnold Sports Festival, local bars and restaurants are taking precautions against human trafficking.

Oddfellows Liquor Bar in the Short North said all their customers have to do is order an “angel shot” if they feel uncomfortable or in danger.

“There’s a lot of people in the area that may be uncomfortable with their surroundings or their situation and we just wanted to offer them a safe space to go,” said general manager Cara Woodhouse. “Most of the time you have an opportunity to pop into the bathroom, so we posted the signs in the bathroom asking for you to order an ‘angel shot’ if you feel uncomfortable in your situation.”

An “angel shot” is not a drink, but a code word to get help, fast. She said their bartenders and staff have been trained on what to do and will be able to bring customers to a safe space until police arrive.

“We expect this weekend to be busy,” said Woodhouse. “We did hire extra security staff for the weekend just to make sure that someone’s there in case we need it.”

She said some other bars and restaurants in the Short North and Arena District are also doing something similar.

Oddfellows staff plans to keep the “angel shot” protocol in place after the busy weekend.