COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — As students head back to school, they’re getting tattoos to start conversations and show at parties.

At the Gold Room Tattoo on Michigan Avenue (where the street sign is already been marked with a red “X” over the offensive “M”), artist Derrick James says people want their tattoos, like, yesterday.

“They’re kinda like — ‘Hey, I want in now. I want this tattoo ASAP, next week.’ Whatever you got, they’re ready to go,” said James. “They’re ready to go into school with a fresh tattoo, showing their arm off, their legs.”

“I’ve definitely tattooed Brutus, you know, a couple of times. The block “O,” I don’t know how many times at this point. People are coming in for floral work, animals, lady heads, a lot of cool projects — things that would complement the body and give us creative a lot of creative room to work.”

James has been tattooing for three years, but he’s only been at the Gold Room for two weeks, so there’s plenty of room for walk-in clients.

“I usually get mother and daughters coming in for the small [design] … we want a little flower, a little infinity symbol … mother and daughter quick bonding experience — Pinterest tattoos almost.”

James says dads are different — they don’t go for a father-son tattoo. “Dads always come, just drop their sons off, like try to give off that super-tough persona, like they’ll be fine.”

You can see derrickjamestattoos on Instagram, or visit The Gold Room.