COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A new AT&T service to automatically transmit wireless 911 calls based on location is rolling out this week in Ohio.

The new service will give Ohioans with AT&T location-based routing for emergency calls, which utilizes the GPS to route 911 callers to the closest call center, rather than route based on cell tower location.

Per AT&T, a wireless device can be located after an emergency call within 50 meters compared to a 10-mile radius for a cell tower location with the aim to create faster response time for emergencies.

“Launching this industry-leading public safety solution allows us to ultimately help improve the connections and efficiency for our wireless customers by offering more accurate service when making emergency calls.” said AT&T executive vice president Chris Sambar.

With Ohio’s rollout this week, the service is expected to be available nationally by the end of June.

Verizon says its network currently uses signals from the Federal Government’s GPS satellites to provide a location within 50-150 meters for emergency calls.

T-Mobile launched location-based routing for 911 calls in December 2020.