COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The phrase “teaching an old dog new tricks” has a place in your home. The Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center works to help the behaviors of the dogs under their care.

When you adopt a dog like “Craig” who is featured in the video on this page, you can teach him all the tricks you want. This 4 1/2-year-old mixed breed weighs in at a sturdy 60 pounds and loves to be rewarded for obeying commands.


Date In Shelter: 11/7/2021
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Age: 4 Years 4 Months (approx)
Weight: 60.4 Ibs
Size: Large
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: White
Sex: Neutered Male

As of this writing, “Craig” knows how to shake hands, sit, spin, and lie down. He’s the type of guy who wants all of the attention from his family and wants to be loved.

Craig is available for adoption for $18 — the price of the Franklin County dog license. Once a dog has spent more than 14 days at the shelter, you can walk away with your forever friend for that price.

Train your dog to sit

Always have tasty treats available to reinforce the behavior you are trying to teach. To teach your new friend how to sit, hold a treat in your hand and slowly move your hand over your dog’s head towards his rear end.

The second the dog’s bottom touches the floor, give the treat to your dog and tell them “good boy” in a happy or cheerful voice.

After a period of time, vary the duration of when you deliver the treat. This teaches the dog that you may want them to sit for different periods of time. Finally, once your ole fella understands what you need him to accomplish, you can begin working on distance by taking a step back from him.

You can learn more tips and tricks during the FCDS “Tips and Tricks Tuesday.”

Promotions to consider

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  • Pet FBI Ohio to offer FREE microchips to all reclaimed dogs during the month of April.

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