COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center (FCDSAC) sees nearly 10,000 dogs come through its facility every year.

The biggest misconception is that it only has large dogs to adopt. The group houses and takes care of all varieties and sizes. On Saturday, August 17th, the NBC4 is teaming up with shelters around Central Ohio to Clear the Shelters. The FCDSAC offers animals for adoption at $18. This includes:

  • Licensing
  • Vet Checks
  • Sterilization
  • Microchipping
  • Dental (if needed)
  • Leash and collar
  • Any prescription medicine that is currently needed.

The services will not stop there, according to the director Kaye Persinger. Every Monday, you can bring your new family member to the FCDSAC for obedience training.

“We’re here for the life of the dog,” said Persinger.

During the Clear the Shelters event, participating shelters hope all of their animals are adopted. This helps open up space for homeless animals.

“This is a great time because the weather is still great where you can take the dog out for a walk so you can take your time and patience when your house training a dog that may need that gentle touch,” said Persinger.

Here are a few of the dogs that were ready for adoption while’s camera visited.

Clear the shelters
This boxer mixed one year old loves attention. Its tongue typically hangs out of its mouth because he’s ready to deliver a wet kiss. When he’s being still, he looks as if he’s smiling. This guy is ready for adoption. Photo by Tony Mirones
Clear the shelters
This beautiful german shepherd mix seems to have been trained. She’ll shake your hand and lay down on command. She seems a little shy, but do not let that fool you, she enjoys the affections of people and looks to be your new family member. Photo by Tony Mirones.
Clear the shelters
This sweet girl is about three months old. The black and white lab mix is ready for playing. The shelter calls her “Star” for the pattern on her chest. She will let you know that she needs your love because she is all about attention. Photo by Tony Mirones
Clear the shelters
This pair look alike. The Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center is not quite sure if the two are related, but they sure act like a life long pair. The two take turns walking in front of each other in order to get to you. They can be adopted separately or together. Photo by Tony Mirones