KANSAS CITY, MO (WCMH) — Ivan Mendez has been a clown for about six years now.

“I’ve been working very hard to be a friendly clown,” Mendez tells KSHB.

But Mendez’s passion for making people and children laugh have been overshadowed by recent social media posts reporting scary clowns.

“It’s scary because the reason is because I see some comments of people that want to kill clowns,” says Mendez.

On Friday, several schools around the country reported threats made over social media indicating violence against students and teachers.

“What happen if I am driving my car and somebody decided to because they see the car, because they see a clown driving a car ‘oh it’s a clown over here call the police or something like that or they try to do something to me,” Mendez tells KSHB.

Dewy Bond, also known as Wolly T. Clown, says scary clowns do not live by the clowning code of ethics. “I feel sad for you because you’re destroying something that is good in this confused messed up world,” says Bond.

But despite the recent trend of scary clown sightings, Mendez says he won’t stop making people happy. That reaction when they give it back to you is priceless you know you take it home and you say oh I make a somebody smile today.”