KENTON, Ohio (WCMH) — The man accused of kidnapping a 7-year-old girl waived his right to be heard in court on Friday morning.

Charles E. Castle pleaded not guilty to a felony kidnapping charge at what was supposed to be the pretrial hearing at Hardin Municipal Court.

Friday was scheduled to be the day for prosecutors to present enough information to the judge to show that they have probably cause to take the case to trial, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Castle waived his rights, and the case was immediately bound over to the Hardin County Court of Common Pleas.

Castle went back to the jail in Marion County after the proceedings, where he is being held on a $750,000 bond.

Before the hearing, people gathered outside the Hardin County municipal building to show their support for Trinity Hurt, the girl that Castle is accused of kidnapping last week.

“I feel sorry for her brothers, mother and father. I feel sorry for all of them. I would not imagine if it was my little girl. … I don’t even know what I’d do,” said Mary Drumm, of Kenton.

According to Trinity Hurt’s father, she is still in the hospital recovering from injuries she received during the two days that she was missing.