CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WCMH)–During the 90 years during the past century, there has been a Radcliff sitting in the Sheriff’s Office. Starting with his grandfather, then his dad, and now the current sheriff. That will change on January 4.

The Pickaway County Sheriff, Robert Radcliff, started his career as an 18-year-old in the evidence department. From taking photographs to making molds and dusting for fingerprints, Radcliff started in 1980 while his dad was sheriff.

After a few years, he knew he wanted to progress in the profession of law enforcement and transferred to the jail.

“I wanted to become a sergeant and better myself,” he said.

He grew up in the Sheriff’s House because that was his dad’s job. He learned a lot about they types of people who were incarcerated.

“I was around the prisoners. Sometimes the worst of the worst, but sometimes just good people, everybody is a human being that made a mistake,” he said. “Not everybody is that hardened criminal deserves to sit in a cell because they brutally killed somebody. Most people that are in jail are just good people. They are somebody’s son or daughter or family member that just made a mistake.”

Radcliff explained learning this as a child has helped him lead the office and the deputies who patrol the county.

Radcliff lost the in the general election by 221 votes. His last day will be Jan 4.

“I wish the new sheriff success,” Radcliff said. “It’s not the Radcliff Family’s office. It’s the people’s office and I want to see it succeed. This has been my life’s work, and I want to make sure that the man who follows me has the right feet on the ground and is able to take off and do the job.”

Radcliff isn’t sure what what his goal is next, afterall, this has been his life’s work since before he left high school.