Inspections on the homes in the area of the house explosion Saturday deemed six not safe for habitation.

“It was all building material, very few things that made it look like a home a few pieces of clothing a comforter,” shared Steve Parker a resident who took it upon himself to help collect pictures and other keepsakes to return to the victims of Saturday’s explosion. 

According to a release by the city of Upper Arlington, inspections were performed by the city’s Chief Building Official, on homes in the area of the house explosion Saturday on Sunningdale Way.

 ” It will take a while for them to rebuild,” Parker said. 

Of the homes inspected, six were determined to not be safe for habitation and require structural or utility repair work. Another 18 homes were found to have sustained minor damage but were safe for occupancy.

Electric was temporarily disconnected to eight homes, including the six that were determined not to be safe for occupancy. Electricity will be restored once homeowners have a certified electrician inspect the conditions of the homes, and make any needed repairs.

Anyone whose home was damaged by the explosion, regardless of the extent of damage, is advised by the city to contact the Building Division at 614-583-5070, and it is recommended to contact their insurance companies to inform them of the incident.

The city has also made arrangements with a solid waste provider for the collection of debris from the explosion at no charge to homeowners for the regularly scheduled March 25 collection.

Homeowners with damage to their homes are advised not to touch any debris until their insurance company has assessed the damage and given the go-ahead to clean up.

If you want to help the affected families in some way, the city is asking people to contact Norm Hoffman, with the Red Cross, at 614-253-2740 ext. 2243.

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