COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Leo, a dog at the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center, is ready for a home that has plenty of tummy rubs in store for him.

The 3 1/2-year-old pit-bull mix was actually adopted from the shelter in 2020, but then came back as a stray in September. Since the shelter hasn’t been able to get ahold of Leo’s former owner, Behavior Coordinator Brandy Trott said they are hoping to help the goofy boy find a new forever home.

“Pretty sweet guy all around,” Trott said. “Can be energetic at times but then slowly gets the hang of things and really likes to cuddle, so I think he would be a perfect couch potato once he gets his little walk in for the morning.”

Leo. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)

Trott said Leo knows a few tricks including sitting, but can be shy about showing them off around new people. She suggested a meeting ahead of time if there are other dogs in the home, but he has gotten along well with all different faces.

“He seems to love every person he meets, so I think somebody that’s maybe mildly active or has a fenced-in yard for him to run around, but I don’t even think that’s necessary,” Trott said. “I think he would probably be able to do OK in an apartment.”

While he’s not the most active dog, he does enjoy playing games. Trott demonstrated with a few rounds of fetch with Leo, and followed that with some tug-of-war.

“Sometimes doesn’t like to give his toys up, but he will trade them for a treat,” Trott said.

Above all, though, Leo’s favorite activity is cuddling with his person, and he makes his love of tummy rubs readily apparent.

“He just flops on his back and is ready for all the love,” Trott said.

Leo is available for meet-and-greets at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, located at 4340 Tamarack Blvd. in Columbus, and costs just $18 to adopt. Below are some additional dogs up for adoption as well:

Livvy. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Brown and white pit bull mix
  • 2-year-old female
  • OK with dogs and party animal ratings from shelter
  • Spayed and up to date on shots
Tyson. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Brown pit bull mix
  • 3-year-old male
  • OK with dogs, shelter favorite, and go-getter ratings from shelter
  • Neutered and up to date on shots
Lincoln. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Black and white pit bull mix
  • 1-year-old male
  • Housebroken and teacher’s pet ratings from shelter
  • Neutered and up to date on shots
Funshine Bear. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)

Funshine Bear

  • Black and white German Shepherd/pit bull mix
  • 9-week-old female
  • Spayed