COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Minerva, a dog at the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center, could plug into any kind of home.

Minerva. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)

Behavior Coordinator Brandy Trott said the 4-year-old mutt actually was adopted from the shelter as a baby in 2018, and recently came back to the shelter as a stray.

“I think she’s that kind of that good mix of like, still can be active and fun, but then also would be fine just like, binge watching TV with you,” Trott said.

Minerva loves to cuddle when she gets tired and rolled right over for a tummy rub from Trott. She also proved she could be active as well, and went for a stroll around the shelter before coming back to play tug-of-war.

“She really seemed to like the rope toy today, but I’ve seen her play with basically anything,” Trott said. “Tennis balls, squeaky toys, stuffed toys.”

The pup also happens to have a few tricks up her sleeve. Trott said she knows sit and shake, and is working on learning down as well. While not normally picky about treats, her favorite seemed to be Pupperoni.

“She’s a really nice dog,” Trott said. “She’s just kind of getting overlooked here and she’d really like a home.”

Minerva is available for meet-and-greets at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, located at 4340 Tamarack Blvd. in Columbus. Below are some additional dogs up for adoption as well:

Cristina. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Brown pit bull mix
  • 5-year-old female
  • Housebroken, shelter favorite, busy bee and goofball ratings from FCDS
  • Good with children
  • Recommended to a home with no cats
  • Spayed and up to date on shots
Quinton. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Black and white medium breed mix
  • Male, age unknown
  • Okay with dogs, wallflower and shy dog ratings from FCDS
  • Up to date on shots
Pete. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Brindle pit bull mix
  • 2-year-old male
  • Okay with dogs, shelter favorite, wallflower and shy dog ratings from FCDS
  • Recommended to a home with kids 8 years or older
  • Neutered and up to date on shots
Paloma. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Brown and grey Chihuahua mix
  • 6-year-old female
  • Constant companion and shy dog ratings from FCDS
  • Spayed and up to date on shots