COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Yvette, a dog up for adoption at the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center, has some rare qualities that would make her plug in well with any home.

Becca Moser, a behavior coordinator at the shelter, said that if her home wasn’t already full, she would adopt the 3-year-old “Supermutt” herself.

“I think she would do really well in a home with kids,” Moser said. “She’s the sweetest, most snuggly girl, and I think she could hang along if you have some higher-energy, adventurous side to you. She could go for walks, go for hikes, maybe even go for runs, but she really is just down to snuggle.”

Alongside her gentle nature, Yvette is remarkably coordinated and already trained in some ways. Moser confirmed she can catch treats out of the air, and knows tricks including shake, sit and down.

“I think she may even know ‘roll over,'” Moser said.

Yvette also gets along well with other dogs, having the right amount of socialness and playfulness to her. Moser said the shelter uses her to test other dogs’ social skills.

Yvette is available for meet-and-greets at the Franklin County Dog Shelter, located at 4340 Tamarack Boulevard in Columbus. Below are some additional dogs up for adoption as well:

Maddie. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • White Dogo Argentino mix
  • 7-month-old female
  • Okay with dogs, housebroken, wallflower and shy dog ratings from the shelter
  • Spayed and up to date on shots
Elliott. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • White and black medium breed mix
  • 9-month-old male
  • Constant companion rating from the shelter
  • Neutered and up to date on shots
Lindey. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Black and white pit bull mix
  • 3-year-old female
  • Okay with dogs, housebroken, shelter favorite, free spirit and shy dog ratings from the shelter
  • Recommended to a home with kids 8 years and older
  • Spayed and up to date on shots
Zippy. (NBC4 Photo/Mark Feuerborn)


  • Brown and white Jack Russell terrier
  • 7-year-old male