NEWARK, OH (WCMH) – When a 16-year-old Newark girl was given four months to live, she decided to make a bucket list. This weekend, she gets to use a Taser on a police officer.

Alyssa Elkins was diagnosed with Leukemia several years ago.  After a bone marrow transplant, she went into remission.

The cancer recently returned, and doctors said that there is nothing they can do. She was given four months to live.

Alyssa put together a list of things she would like to do during the time she has left.

For the third item on her list, right after getting a micro mini pig, Alyssa says she wants to use a Taser on someone.

The Newark Division of Police has volunteered to help her fulfill that part of her dream. Sunday afternoon at 1:30, Alyssa will be at Newark police headquarters and will be given the opportunity to use a stun gun on one of their officers.

Several officers volunteered, and one officer will be chosen to take the ‘five-second ride’ to help Alyssa accomplish her dreams.

Jeremie Elkins, Alyssa’s uncle, says that his brother, who is an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper, volunteered to be stunned as well.