CHESTERFIELD, VA (WRIC)  –  A middle school student is being hailed a hero for saving his classmate’s life during lunch last week.

11-year-old Wayne Norris told WRIC he didn’t have time to think, he just reacted. On Friday, he and his friends were eating lunch at Providence Middle School when he noticed one of his friends gasping for air.

“He was eating his food then it looked like he was choking,” Norris explained.

His buddy, Chris Stoneman, couldn’t breathe. A piece of pizza was stuck in his throat and his face was turning red.

“I just kind of wrapped my arms around and pushed and then it came out,” Norris said.

The sixth grader performed the Heimlich Maneuver and saved Stoneman’s life. Norris said he learned how to perform the life-saving operation from watching TV. Now, he’s being called a hero.

“He saved my life,” Stoneman said.

Chris’ father, Dave Stoneman, added, “God sees it all day long and I’m glad for it. Very proud of him. I can’t thank him enough.”

Wayne Norris.

Norris, however, wants no part of the spotlight. In fact, he downplayed it to his dad that day after school. He’s simply happy his friend is OK and doesn’t see the need for all the praise.

“It makes me feel kind of nervous,” he said. “Like, I’m just a normal average kid. Why are people calling me a hero? I was like, I don’t need to be labeled a hero.”

Wayne’s father Roger Norris hopes his son recognizes he went above and beyond.

“He definitely needs to cherish this moment for the rest of his life and be proud of what he did because I’m very proud as his dad,” says Norris.

Administrators at Providence Middle School looked at video of the incident in the lunchroom that day and confirmed Chris did a heroic thing and saved his friend’s life.