Inspiring viewers and readers to think, not how to think. That’s the foundation of NewsNation.

NewsNation Now provides that same level of coverage 24/7 with the NewsNation Now app. We’ll bring you breaking news alerts, live-streaming video and in-depth reporting with the power of Nexstar Media Group’s 5,400 journalists in 110 local newsrooms across the country.

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In addition to the backbone of our NewsNation affiliates across the country, our fully staffed Chicago-based newsroom covers the top stories in the United States and International news around the clock.

NewsNation has bureaus in New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas.

On-air, the team is led by veteran journalists and weekday anchors, Joe Donlon and Marni Hughes, breaking news anchor, Rob Nelson, and chief meteorologist, Albert Ramon, who collectively bring nearly 80 years of experience in television news to their roles and have covered everything from Presidential elections to hurricanes and the current coronavirus pandemic. The weekend NewsNation team will be led by anchors Rudabeh Shahbazi and Nichole Berlie, breaking news anchor, Aaron Nolan, and meteorologist Gerard Jebaily.

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