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Best friends find rivalry in Super Bowl LII

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- Super Bowl LII is creating a rivalry in Central Ohio.

Jeremy Riyanto and Brandon Wong, both students at The Ohio State University, are best friends.

Riyanto is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Wong is a New England Patriots Fan.

"We were going to [watch Super Bowl LII] together, but I think I'll watch it with some of my Patriots fans," said Wong.

"I'm going to watch it with some other Eagles fans," Riyanto explained.

The two men said they have been lifelong fans of their respective teams.

Both are confident they will have much to celebrate, come Sunday evening.

"They [the Eagles] have the underdog mentality," Riyanto said. "They have the whole city behind them and the country, so I think it's their time to finally get there."

Wong believes the Patriots tradition of winning will lead to another championship.

"Tom Brady is like a fine wine," he said. "He gets better with age."

Coverage of Super Bowl LII begins on Sunday at 6 p.m., on NBC.



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