COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCM) —NBC4 posted big wins for the February book.

NBC4 was the No. 1-rated station in multiple broadcasts across the Central Ohio market in the recently released February Nielsen and Comscore surveys.

NBC4/WCMH-TV is ranked #1 in these programs:

  • #1 Morning News
    • #1 4 a.m.: NBC4 Today
      (Nielsen:  P35-64, P25-64, F25-54, F25-64, M25-64, F35-64)
    • #1 5 a.m.: NBC4 Today
      (Nielsen: P25-64, P35-64, F25-64, F35-64)
    • #1 6 a.m.: NBC4 Today
      (Nielsen: P35-64, F35-64, M35-64)
    • #1 5 a.m.-9 a.m.: NBC4 Today/NBC Today Show
      (Nielsen: P35-64, F25-64, F35-64, M25-54)
    • #1 at 7 a.m.: NBC Today Show 
      (Nielsen: Households F25-64, M25-54, M25-64)
  • #1 at 1 p.m.:  Jennifer Hudson (Nielsen M25-54)
  • #1 at 3 p.m.:  Dateline (Nielsen Households & Comscore: Households)
  • #1 at 4 p.m.:  NBC4 First at 4 (Nielsen: P25-54, F25-54, M25-54, F25-64, P35-64, F35-64 & Comscore: Households)
  • #1 at 5 p.m.:  NBC4 at 5 (Nielsen: P25-64, F25-64, P35-64, F35-64, M25-54, M25-64)
  • #1 at 6 p.m.:  NBC4 at 6 (Nielsen: P25-54, M25-54, F25-64, F35-64)
  • #1 at 6:30 p.m.: NBC Nightly News (Nielsen: P25-54, F25-54, F25-64)
  • #1 Local Newscast at 7 p.m.:  NBC4 at 7 (Nielsen: P35-64, F35-64)

Nielsen survey was conducted 02/02/23- 03/01/23 focusing on Households, P18-49, P25-54, P25-64, F25-54, F25-64, M25-54, M25-64, P35-64, F35-64 & M35-64.

Comscore survey was conducted 02/02/23- 03/01/23 focusing on Households in the Columbus DMA.

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