CHANDLER, Ariz. (WCMH) – Where Intel goes, others will follow.

Local leaders are expecting businesses to form and flourish when the tech company builds its largest manufacturing facility in the world right here in central Ohio. Once Intel’s New Albany campus is up and running, it’ll need suppliers to keep its semiconductor chip manufacturing process going.

However, it’s not just businesses directly serving Intel that are expected to surface. NBC4 visited Chandler, Ariz. to see a community already impacted by an Intel plant there, and met Denise McCreery. She moved to Chandler with her husband about 20 years ago.

“Not by choice, my husband was transferred here through his job, and we fell in love immediately,” McCreery said.

You might say her experience as a small business owner has been pretty sweet.

“I am the owner of d’Vine Gourmet,” McCreery said. “We are a local Arizona gift, food and wine shop.”

She said her business thrives, thanks to the support of her neighbors, including one of her biggest clients.

“We have sent gift baskets for Intel, from Intel, all over the world,” McCreery said. “But one of my funnest events was we worked with the WIN group, the Women of Intel group. And we put on a virtual evening where we made cupcakes and we had wine together. There was about 120 Intel women on this Zoom call.”

D’Vine Gourmet isn’t the only Chandler business that benefits from having an Intel manufacturing facility in its backyard.

“There are ancillary vendors that may need to relocate here. There are other community partners,” said Terri Kimble, the President and CEO of Chandler’s Chamber of Commerce. She told NBC4 that more than four decades after Intel set up shop in the Phoenix suburb, the business community is still growing around it.

“We’re at 100% occupancy in our downtown that we have to build up and out in order to accommodate any more new business here in town,” Kimble said. “You can’t bring a company into your community employing 12,000 people, that you figure that they have to have more than one person per household. And the restaurants and the small businesses, the dry cleaners, the hotels, you name it, those all benefit from it.”

According to data provided by Intel, the company spent $7.2 billion with Arizona-based organizations, and supports 1.5% of jobs across the entire state. In Ohio, New Albany Mayor Sloan Spalding expects the impact to be no different.

“We had a meeting just a couple of weeks ago with some Intel suppliers that are looking to move to Ohio,” Spalding said. “So Intel’s here, but they’re bringing 50, 100 suppliers … This is a great economic development opportunity for the entire region.”

Beyond the for-profit sector, Intel said the company, its foundation and employees gave $7 million to Arizona-based charities last year.