COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — On Monday morning, Governor Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Transportation announced $90 million to fund local and state transportation projects ahead of Intel’s arrival in Ohio.

“When we announced Intel, we committed to building infrastructure and to help the local community build infrastructure that would handle the extra traffic from Intel and also the other traffic that is going to come from other companies that are coming to this region as well,” says Gov. DeWine.

Two-thirds of the investment will go to cities and villages in Franklin, Delaware and Licking counties. This will allow local governments to improve roadways and intersections and prepare for the influx of traffic Intel will bring.

A map of the road projects expected to be fully completed by 2030. (Courtesy Photo/Ohio Department of Transportation)

“We’re listening to the local communities; we’re working with them very closely to plan. This is certainly going to help and there may be a need for more beyond this,” says Gov. DeWine. The remaining money will go to ODOT to create safer intersections and expand key corridors near Intel’s future campus, called the Silicon Heartland.

Gov. DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted say this announcement shows local communities and businesses coming to central Ohio that they can handle the extra people and the changes the Silicon Heartland will bring.

“It proves to Intel and any business in the world that we are delivering on time. We’re delivering what we said we would deliver which is the infrastructure around this,” says Lt. Gov. Husted. The governor says he is working closely with the communities near the Silicon Heartland to help them prepare.

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Courtesy Photo/Office of Gov. Mike DeWine