Deciding cases and delivering justice, there’s a new judge unlike any other this year at the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.  

NBC4 is celebrating women making a difference in their community for Women’s History Month. One new judge in Columbus may be young in years, but resume could rival someone twice her age.  

Her courtroom may look like any other, but it is actually like no other.

“There were many people who said, ‘You don’t look old enough to be a Judge’ and they would ask how old I am,” Judge Jaiza Page said. At 35, she is the youngest sitting judge in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.  

Sworn in since January, Judge Page oversees felonies and high dollar civil cases across the county, and while she may be all smiles about her new title, she’s serious about the law.

“There will be individuals who are coming in here in what may be the worst day of their life and you have to look at the law, and them equitably, and listen to both sides,” Judge Page said of her responsibility.  

Judge Page’s love for law started young, while still in bows, young Jaiza dreamed of courtroom benches, “I knew since I was 8-years-old I wanted to be an attorney,” Judge Page said. 

From undergrad at Georgetown to law school at The Ohio State University, to the Columbus City Attorney’s office, her law resume boasts plentiful, but something else also sets her apart. About four years serving on Columbus City Council. 

“I have always wanted to help people,” Judge Page said. From crafting city ordinances to final verdicts, she says helping people has been her focus, one that will continue from behind the bench. She hopes to create a reputation as a judge who may appear young, but is wise beyond her years, “Someone who is fair, honest and gives everyone the opportunity to be heard,” Judge Page said.  

To young women and girls who may be dreaming of defending the innocent or prosecuting the guilty, Judge Page’s advice is to follow your heart, “I always tell them, really look inside yourself and figure out what your dreams and your passions are, and follow your path,” Judge Page said, and never let something like your age, stand in your way.