COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The Our Lady of Guadalupe Center sits in the heart of the city’s west side, providing important resources for the Hispanic community in central Ohio.

As part of Catholic Social Services, the center works to reduce poverty by addressing the needs of the immigrant Latino population.

Started as a humble food pantry in 1999, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Center has grown into a thriving community hub.

As program director of the center, Ramona Reyes aims to provide a family-friendly and welcome environment for members of the Hispanic community.

“Our staff, we feel like a family,” Reyes said. “We’re all from different Latin American countries or different areas of the United State that has a predominately Latino population.”

Reyes said her staff provides a myriad of services to help Latinos prosper in central Ohio.

“We provide not only the food pantry, but wrap-around services that include access to a licensed bilingual social worker, a legal immigration attorney, ESL classes, and a lot of community events.”

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