Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) – Tonight, NBC4 is recognizing Black History Month with our “Honoring Black History” special, an uplifting look at the people and places responsible for shaping our community.

During the half-hour show, we will be sharing significant stories that are often overlooked and will give viewers a greater understanding of how African Americans have enriched our city’s legacy.

From a local business that became the oldest African American owned company in the U.S. to neighborhoods that played a significant role in building central Ohio, “Honoring Black History” presents a rich and fascinating past.

The special will also highlight how history being made right now, with a woman who is helping local young people get the tools they need to succeed.

Hosted by Colleen Marshall and Kerry Charles, you can watch “Honoring Black History” Monday night, Feb. 1, at 7:30 p.m. on NBC4.