PHOTOS: Lawry’s Beef Bowl


The Beef Bowl referees await the arrival of the team buses.

Lowry's staff, in full uniform, greets Head Coach Urban Meyer as he walks into the culinary arena.

A projected image adds to the majesty of the event. (wcmhws)

Footballs placed on the table remind participants that there is more to this week than participation in the Beef Bowl. (wcmhws)

Head Coach Urban Meyer eagerly awaits the entrance of the beef onto the field of play. (wcmhws)

These players are hungry. (wcmhws)

You can't properly spin a salad without the official apron. (wcmhws)

Spin, spin, spin, spin! (wcmhws)

The salad spinning is complete. Jonathan Cooper has elected to receive the beef. (wcmhws)

The servers prepare for the main event. (wcmhws)

Is there a penalty for excessive deliciousness? (wcmhws)

Victory. (wcmhws)