COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Hunger can be a hidden issue: you never know who might be experiencing food insecurity.

Here at NBC4, we are taking September — Hunger Action Month — very seriously to help raise awareness about hunger in our community.

We also joined the fight against hunger when we launched the Mid-Ohio Farm at NBC4. We wanted to share how much can be done in a short time, from transforming a fallow parcel of land to the installation of vertical grow towers. In the past two weeks, lettuce, beets, carrots, and other vegetables have been planted, and they are growing.

One of the highlights of the farm is a space for our neighbors along Riverview Drive, many of whom were growing vegetables along our fence line in five-gallon buckets.

“What’s happening on the urban farm is, with the vertical gardening, it’s just like a modern version of what Riverview is already doing,” said Jeremy Ellison, Riverview International Center Executive Director.

The neighbors use every little space they can find and grow produce from their home countries because they cannot get it at local stores.