(WCMH) – Only two rounds of Blind Auditions remain on NBC’s “The Voice” and the coaches’ teams are filling up.

A total of 33 artists (listed below) have been selected. At the end of the Blind Auditions, each coach will have 12 members on their team, for a total of 48 contestants going into the Battle Rounds.

At this point, Kelly Clarkson has the most openings on her team of seven, with five spots available. John Legend has room for four more artists to join the eight currently on his roster. And both Blake Shelton and Ariana Grande need to convince three more artists each to get their teams of nine to the magic number of 12 to compete in the Battle Rounds.

Last week, Clarkson scooped up the four-chair turning Holly Forbes on Tuesday after the audience was left with a cliffhanger on Monday night’s show. Forbes stunned the judges with her performance of Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” but fans were left on the edge of their seats when the episode ended before the Kentucky mother committed to a coach.

Tonight, viewers can expect at least one more all-in moment from the judges. In a preview clip released by NBC, Brittany Bree receives the honor of getting the coach of her choice after her spine-chilling rendition of The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name.”

However, according to Shelton, all is not lost if a coach doesn’t get picked by a show-stopping artist. He says even a so-so audition can produce a tremendous talent.

“It’s happened a few times where, in the Blind Auditions, somebody is OK and they feel that reaction, they feel that response when a button turns, or they look on social media and realize they have a bunch of new fans, and it builds their confidence,” said Shelton. “And when you can see that change over the course of the season, that’s the most exciting thing to me.”

Watch “The Voice” Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC4 followed by an all-new episode of “Ordinary Joe” at 10 p.m.

“The Voice” Season 21 Artists

  • Girl Named Tom, Team Kelly/ Pettisville, OH/ South Bend, IN
  • Katie Rae, Team Ariana/ Sacramento, CA/ Milipitas, CA
  • Peedy Chavis, Team Blake/Lawrenceville, GA
  • Jonathan Mouton, Team Legend/Los Angeles, CA
  • Katherine Ann Mohler, Team Ariana / Memphis, TN
  • Jack Rogan, Team Legend/ Rochester, NY
  • Kinsey Rose, Team Kelly/ Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY
  • Vaughn Mugol, Team Ariana/ Beaumont, TX
  • Wendy Moten, Team Blake/ Nashville, TN/ Memphis, TN
  • Lana Scott, Team Blake/ Chesapeake, VA/ Pasadena, CA
  • Samuel Harness, Team Legend/ Fort Wayne, IN
  • Carolina Alonso, Team Kelly/ Reno, NV/ Davis, CA
  • Chavon Rogers, Team Ariana/ Ada, OK/ Tulsa, OK
  • Joshua Vacanti, Team Legend/ Lockport, NY
  • Hailey Green, Team Blake/ St. Martin, MS
  • Jim & Sasha Allen, Team Ariana/ Newtown, CT
  • Paris Winningham, Team Legend/ Jacksonville, FL/ Richmond, VA
  • Gymani, Team Kelly/ East Point, GA
  • Raquel Trinidad, Team Ariana/ Tampa, FL/ Miami, FL
  • The Joy Reunion, Team Blake/ Redlands, CA
  • Hailey Mia, Team Ariana/ Clifton, NJ
  • Jeremy Rosado, Team Kelly/ Tampa, FL/Queens, NY
  • Carson Peters, Team Blake/ Piney Flats, TN
  • Keith Grace, Team Legend/ Staten Island, NY/ Poconos, PA
  • Samara Brown, Team Legend/ Bronx, NY
  • Holly Forbes, Team Kelly/ Catlettsburg, KY
  • Bella DeNapoli, Team Ariana/ Long Island, NY
  • David Vogel, Team Ariana/ Valhalla, NY
  • Janora Brown, Team Legend/ Wingate, NC
  • Kaitlyn Velez, Team Blake/ Long Island, NY
  • Berritt Haynes, Team Blake/ Pell City, AL
  • Clint Sherman, Team Blake/ Dallas, TX
  • The Cunningham Sisters, Team Kelly/ Hamilton, OH

Multi-platinum global recording artist, Grammy Award winner and talented actress Ariana Grande claims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 21. Carson Daly returns as host.

The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockouts and Live Performance Shows.

During the Blind Auditions, the decisions from the coaches are based solely on voice and not looks. The coaches hear the artists perform but they don’t get to see them, thanks to rotating chairs. If a coach is impressed by the artist’s voice, they push a button to select the artist for their team. At this point, the coach’s chair will swivel so that they can face the artist they selected. If more than one coach pushes the button, the power then shifts to the artists to choose which coach they want to work with. If no one pushes their button, the artist is eliminated from the competition.

Also returning this season is the block, which adds another layer of coach competition during the Blind Auditions. The coach chairs each have an extra set of buttons with the other three coaches’ names on them, which prevents a coach from adding a new artist to his or her team. The coaches can only use their block buttons on one artist for the entire first round of the competition. The blocked coach only discovers they are blocked if they press their button, and though their chair will still turn, their lane lights up with “BLOCKED.” If the coach doesn’t press their button, the block is still available for another audition.

Once the teams are set, the battle is on. The coaches dedicate themselves to developing their team of artists, giving them advice and sharing the secrets of their success, along with help from their celebrity advisors. The coaches enlist music industry heavyweights to prepare their artists for the Battle Rounds. This season’s Battle Advisors include Jason Aldean (Team Kelly), Kristin Chenoweth (Team Ariana), Camila Cabello (Team Legend), and Dierks Bentley (Team Blake).

During the Battle Rounds, the coaches will pit two of their own team members against each other to sing the same song together in front of a live, fully vaccinated in-studio audience, at limited capacity. The artists are vying for their coach’s confidence and decision to take them to the next round.

After each vocal battle, the coach must choose which of his or her artists will advance to the next round of competition. Each coach will have one save and one steal in the Battle Rounds. The losing artist is available to be saved by their own coach, but with the steals still in play, the artist could potentially choose to go with a different coach, leading to even tougher decisions for the coaches and artists. Artists who won their battle, were saved by their own coach or were stolen by another coach will advance to the Knockouts.

For the artists who made it to the Knockouts, one superstar Mega Mentor will be on hand to work with all the coaches and their teams as they prepare the artists for this challenge. In the Knockouts, the artists will be paired against a teammate once more, but this time, they will select their own songs to perform individually while their direct competitor watches and waits. The coaches will choose the winner, and the artist not selected will be available to be stolen by another coach. The stakes are high as each coach will only have one steal in the Knockouts.

Once the Live Performance Shows begin, the top artists will compete against each other weekly during a live broadcast. This time the television audience will vote to save their favorite artists. The artists with the lowest number of votes will be eligible for the Instant Save and will each perform a new song to prove why they should continue in the competition. America will then have the opportunity to save their favorite performer by voting on “The Voice” Official App or NBC.com. Those with the lowest number of votes will be sent home. In the end, one artist will be named “The Voice” and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract.